Pisa Airport Guide to Pisa Airport - PSA

Pisa Airport Bus to city centre

Here you can find all the bus options which connect the Pisa Airport with other points of interest in Italy.

At Pisa International Airport you can travel by bus to Pisa city centre, to Florence, to Siena, to Lucca, to Viareggio/Pietrasanta or the airbus to the cities of Montecatini-Pistoia-Prato at the Station of Caronna.



See below the available bus routes at Pisa Airport: 

Bus to the Pisa city centre - Autolinee CTT Nord - LAM Rossa: This bus stops at Pisa Centrale Train Station, to Piazza Duomo/Leaning Tower. Due to the Pisa Airport is very near to Pisa city centre, the ride just takes around 15 minutes. You can check the exact timetables at: http://www.pisa.cttnord.it/

Bus to Florence: The name of the stop in Florence is “Piazzale Montelungo”. The ride takes 1 hour. Fares: € 14,00 (one-way), € 24,00 (round trip). 

Bus to Siena: The stop name is “Piazza Gramsci”, the ride takes 2 hours and a half.

Bus to Lucca: The station name is “Piazzale Verdi”, the ride takes 1 hour. 

Airbus to Montecatini-Pistoia-Prato: It stops in Florence Airport, in Montecantini, in Pistoia and in Prato. It takes about 2 hours. Fares: To Montecatini Terme (€ 15,00), to Pistoia (€ 17,00), to Prato (€ 17,00), to Florence Airport (€ 20,00). You can check the exact timetables here

Bus to Viareggio/Pietrasanta: It stops in the cities of Viareggio and Pietrasanta. It takes about 1 hour and a half. You can check the exact timetables at: http://www.lucca.cttnord.it/


Where do I buy my ticket?

You should buy your bus ticket at the Information Desk of Arrivals and then wait for your bus at the bus area Parking 6 (P6), just outside of the Passenger Terminal Arrivals.